Ode to Hanuman

Jai Hanuman, peaceful warrior,
Son of Vayu, humble servant of Ram.
You are my sweet, sweet joy.
As I chant the glory of your name,
The dust is cleansed from my heart.
I am filled with devotion and love
As tears of bliss flow from my soul.

With curly hair, and a shining smile,
Beaming, beautiful and radiant,
You show up whenever there is need.
By your siddhis, miracles happen.
You burned down Lanka,
You touched the Sun.
With one leap, you crossed an ocean.
All the while, you act like it’s nothing.

You, by my side, is all that I need.
By your grace, I overcome Ravana.
My soul is liberated, my heart is pure.
You illuminate truth.
Anything is possible
The simple secret is faith.

Jai Hanuman, I call your name.
Victory to you, my sweet angel.
Give me strength. Give me courage.
Step into my heart and stay forever.


Photo credit unknown


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