About Pia

I am a lawyer, personal development coach, spiritual activist, and yoga teacher. When not doing those things, I might be writing or rescuing animals.

I grew up in a spiritual family and was introduced to the philosophy of yoga at a young age.  In 2006, I was initiated into the lineage of the Ramakrishna Order of India by my beloved teacher Swami Swahananda. Shortly thereafter, I discovered the physical practice of yoga or the asanas.  It was around the same time I began practicing law at a large law firm in New York. I soon realized that the physical practice of yoga gave me numerous health benefits, and a sense of steadiness and peace in a hectic and demanding environment. This inspired me to study yoga more deeply and to share the practice with others. I quickly learned that the learning never ends, and that this ancient practice is very much relevant to our modern day world.  Here is a post I wrote on  Why I Started Teaching Yoga.

I completed a yoga teacher training program with Sean Johnson and Mitchel Bleier at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans. I took several soul-searching journeys to India to dive deeper into my practice and fell in love with Bhakti yoga, or the yoga of love and devotion.  My yoga classes blend flow-based Hatha sequences with heart-opening meditation in an effort to sync the body and the mind, while being kind to the spirit. I also lead women’s empowerment groups and workshops on bringing mindfulness into every day living.

Every time you find yourself in a personal state of inner peace, the whole world automatically becomes that much more harmonious.  I hope you will join me on this journey.