Bhakti Yoga

piadas_1stquarterly_byarexpressions.com_2018__8102895_01Bhakti yoga celebrates the universal human experience of oneness and encourages connection to the heart as a way to experience the divinity of life.  Because of this soulful and emotional connection, Bhakti has inspired poetry, music, art, dance, storytelling, food, and creativity as a way to merge with the Divine mystery of life.

Bhakti is a Sanskrit word meaning love and devotion.  When we speak of Bhakti, we could be referring to an emotion, a practice, a school of philosophical thought, a popular movement, or a state of consciousness.  The Bhakti path has roots in India and was part of a social justice movement.  It was a revolution against elitism and dogma and focused instead on sincere devotion, rather than mere ritual, as means to spiritual progress.  The Bhakti movement broke down barriers of class and welcomed people of all races, castes, and genders.

While traveling in India, I experienced deep hearting opening while chanting the Maha Mantra, one of the sacred mantras of Bhakti yoga.  The profound love I experienced from chanting this mantra, inspires me to bring the spirit of Bhakti, or love, into the yoga classes I teach.

My yoga classes blend asana, ancient yoga philosophy, meditation, and inspirational music. Students build strength and stamina as they move through a creative sequence of challenging poses in a supportive and nurturing environment. Drawing from the spirit of Bhakti yoga, I encourage students to make connections of the heart, body, and spirit.

Private Yoga Instruction

Deepen your yoga and meditation practice with one-on-one instruction. A private session allows you to tailor the experience to your needs and interest. It is also a great way to enhance a personal yoga practice. Each session is an hour-long and will offer you tools to expand on specific areas of interest.