Clear Your Obstacles With Ganesha

It’s a new year, a fresh start, and perhaps a great time to remove obstacles from your path. Ganesha is one of my favorite characters from Indian mythology.  He is the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati, and widely known as the obstacle-remover.  The Sanskrit word “Ganesh” comes from the word “vighna,” which means obstacles or hindrances.  Ganesha’s elephant head symbolizes purification of the ego. Ganesha is the Lord of fortune, peace, and spiritual success.  He represents wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to overcome setbacks. During Hindu ceremonies, Ganesha is invoked first to clear the path.

Ganesha rides around on a rat. Some say this rat is symbolic of Ganesha’s ability to overcome hindrances.  Whenever I think of Ganesha’s rat, I think of the rats in the New York City subways lurking around in dark, underground tunnels. Those tunnels are much like the challenges of the unknown we face in life.  The mere fact of going into the depths of darkness can be unsettling for anyone, especially when the ego is talking us out of moving forward. The ego likes to be in control, but if you let it take over it can keep you stuck in space that you don’t really want to be in.  If you look deep, oftentimes, it is not a particular obstacle, but rather our own ego-inspired thoughts getting in the way.

To get through these dark places of our own mind, we can invoke the energy of Ganesha to clear the way, change our thoughts, and open to something new.

The mantra for Ganesha is Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha.

As you chant this mantra to Ganesha, bring to mind a particular obstacle or challenge standing in your path. Using the sound currents from the mantra, imagine yourself breaking through that obstacle with superpower Ganesha energy.  Visualize a strong, beautiful elephant clearing the path ahead of you, bringing in sunlight, and making way for something new.

Aim high, but do not be attached to the results turning out in any particular way.  Jai Ganesha!  May 2019 bring health, happiness, and prosperity to all.


This life is a Lila.
Oneday we will wake up,
And find that it was
All just a dream.
For it is the grand plan
Of the Great divine.

Make no mistake.
It is Her story,
Her grace,
and Her love
That fill the pages.

Trust this heavenly Play
As it so magnificently unfolds.




You must be willing to fly,
If you want to dance with the Moon.
Open your heart.
Let Love shine in.

It is better to be a fool for Love,
Than to hide in the shadows of darkness.
Follow the brightness of Light,
Let your heart guide you to Truth.
Uncover the secret that was always there.
Revel in Oneness.

Love Yourself

While traveling in India, I met a spiritual teacher who had spent years wandering in the jungles. After experiencing years of solitude, harsh conditions, and contemplation, his message was simple – love yourself.  On the surface, it doesn’t seem like that would be so hard, or even insightful; yet many of us struggle with knowing how to love ourselves.  We often feel like we must earn love or that we must be “good enough” to be loved.  But the truth is we are good enough, just the way that we are.  Love is not earned.  It is simply a state of being, and it starts from within our own hearts.

Healthy self-love is different from being egocentric or arrogant.  Arrogance and egocentrism comes from a place of fear or insecurity. True, unconditional, love comes from the heart.  It is connecting to the divinity that resides within each of us.  It is acknowledging the miracle that we are, and that there is a divine spark within each of us.  This divine spark is what makes life so mysterious.  When we take a step out of the confines of our mind, and into the greater depths of our heart, we can feel into our own truth and power.  Just tapping into the beat of your own heart can connect you to the miracle of your being.  How does the heart even know how to beat?  Not even the most renown scientist can fully explain this gift of life we are given.  It is a mystery filled with infinite potential.  Loving yourself is honoring that divine spark within, and acknowledging that by simply being alive, we have been given a gift from the divine.

Learning how to deeply love yourself is a practice.  Many of us walk around with voices in our heads that are harsh, critical, and judgmental.  Through the practice of meditation and yoga, we can learn to align that voice with our highest potential.  We can learn to move past that voice into a quiet place of stillness.  In this space of stillness, we can soften into a deeper space of love and connection to our divine nature.  In this quiet space, we realize that we came to Earth simply to learn, and that there are no mistakes, but that everything is simply an experience.  If we don’t like a certain experience, we have the power within us to not repeat that experience through mindful, conscious action.  We can also acknowledge that experiences teach us lessons that can help us grow, evolve, and transform.  So forgive yourself.  Release yourself from any burdens of the past.  Let go of harsh judgment and criticism.  Embrace your inner divine.  And know that you are deeply loved.  Remember that the sun shines on everyone.  It does not judge, or discriminate.  That warmth, that radiance, is love.  We are all worthy.  We are all love.

Ode to Hanuman

Jai Hanuman, peaceful warrior,
Son of Vayu, humble servant of Ram.
You are my sweet, sweet joy.
As I chant the glory of your name,
The dust is cleansed from my heart.
I am filled with devotion and love
As tears of bliss flow from my soul.

With curly hair, and a shining smile,
Beaming, beautiful and radiant,
You show up whenever there is need.
By your siddhis, miracles happen.
You burned down Lanka,
You touched the Sun.
With one leap, you crossed an ocean.
All the while, you act like it’s nothing.

You, by my side, is all that I need.
By your grace, I overcome Ravana.
My soul is liberated, my heart is pure.
You illuminate truth.
Anything is possible
The simple secret is faith.

Jai Hanuman, I call your name.
Victory to you, my sweet angel.
Give me strength. Give me courage.
Step into my heart and stay forever.


Photo credit unknown