Trusting in the Unknown

img_2324As I was preparing to leave on my yoga journey to India, a part of me felt guilty for going.  The practical side of my brain was telling me that it would be risky to walk away from my ten-year legal career without a solid plan for what I would do when I came back to the States.  I was not used to taking vacation, let alone sabbaticals of undetermined length.  I had no idea what lay before me.  I felt like I was at the top of a roller coaster ride about to plunge forward into the great depths of the unknown.  As terrified as I was, it also felt liberating to be able to finally let go and to simply trust what my heart was telling me.  I felt a deep yearning within pulling me to India, and I could ignore it no more.

What I now know is that I was learning to trust in the unknown and in my own intuition. There are many things we can plan for in our lives, but the truth is most things are not in our control.  Regardless of what we choose to do, the sun will rise, the winds will blow, the rain will fall, the seasons will change, and life will gently carry us along in its magical flow.  We are part of a much greater cosmos, so much of which is completely unknown to us.  If we think we have control of the way our lives unfold, we are thinking too small and deluding ourselves.  The reality is every day we are trusting in the unknown.  Whether we understand our own biology or not, our heart automatically knows how to beat and our lungs know how to take in breath. When we fall asleep, we let go and trust that our body will know what to do as we drift into unconsciousness.  We are great miracles of being connected by a greater intelligence.  The very fact that we were given life is beyond the grasp of what our logical minds can truly comprehend.

Trusting in the unknown is recognizing that there is a greater intelligence orchestrating the magic that is constantly happening all around us.   We cannot always know what the outcome of a particular action will be, but we can learn to connect to our own hearts to guide us through the mysterious flow of life.  We can learn to discern when something resonates with us and when it does not.  We can learn to trust our own intuition and higher wisdom. Oftentimes, however, our minds can become so clouded in worry, self-doubt, and other negative thought patterns that our heart shuts down and we can no longer hear its gentle messages and guidance.  This is where yoga and mediation can help.  These are two practices that can take us beyond thoughts and into the quiet that exists between the thoughts.  It is in this space of stillness that we can access our higher wisdom to show us a path and trust where it is leading us even when we do not know what the outcome will be.

Why I Started Teaching Yoga


I have a passion for helping others find their way to happiness. It all started when I discovered yoga in 2007 around the same time I began my career as a lawyer at a large law firm in New York. I graduated from law school at the top of my class and landed a dream job with a fancy office.  I worked on complex cases and went on to receive various accolades, but something didn’t feel quite right. I was always stressed and developed recurring insomnia. I felt completely out of balance and disconnected from my higher truth and creativity. Although I had achieved what some would define as career success, I didn’t feel like I was fulfilling my life purpose.

After my first yoga class, I quickly discovered that yoga was much more than a physical practice. It, in fact, also gave me a sense of equanimity that I had never felt before. This inspired me to dive deeper into understanding the roots of yoga, which ultimately led me on a soul searching journey of self-discovery.

Although I was working around the clock on an intense trial at the time, I decided to commute to New Orleans once a month for a year to complete a yoga teacher certification program. Moved by the authenticity and wisdom of my teachers, I became more in touch with what I really wanted out of my own life.

Yoga teacher training felt like opening Pandora’s box. The more I learned, the more I wanted to grow, but change isn’t always easy. Ultimately, yoga became a vehicle for transformation in my career and personal life. Taking a complete leap of faith, I decided to leave the practice of law for a few months so I could travel to India to immerse myself into understanding yoga in a more profound way.

Yoga has been a precious gift in my life. It has helped me overcome fear and pain, and it has taught me to be more in touch with my peronal version of happiness. But the learning doesn’t end. It is a continuous journey and many of the mysteries lie in simply experiencing the ride. Therefore, I teach yoga to pay this gift forward and to share my journey in the hope of inspiring and uplifting others.