Deep into the Darkness


FullSizeRenderYoga shows us how to be more in sync with nature and the seasons.  When we honor the natural flow of Earth rhythms, we harmonize with the world around us and connect to the higher intelligence that created the cosmos.  Each season has something to teach us.  It is a matter of quieting our minds so we can observe what is happening in the world around us.  What can winter teach us?

Winter teaches us about resting, letting go, and trusting in the mysteries of life.  Winter is part of a cycle showing us that even when all the leaves fall off, there can eventually be new life growing on that very same tree.  Like hibernating animals, as we move into winter we will feel more of a need to go within and to rest deeply.  The days are shorter, and the nights are longer.   You may feel an irresistible urge to get more sleep.  Don’t deny yourself.  Let yourself slow down.  Make peace with the darkness of the winter, and be open to all the remains hidden from sight.  Take more time to bring your focus internally.

Here is a winter guided meditation to take you into that place.

Close your eyes.  Look into the darkness and let the body come to a rest.  Relax the shoulders to create more space in the heart and feel the weight of the body gently resting into the support of the Earth underneath.  Simply let any thoughts float by, gently suspending yourself in the quiet stillness that exists in between each thought.  As the darkness envelops you, give yourself permission to let go into this silent space of blackness.  Let your body float into this great unknown land, trusting that you are deeply supported by the Earth gently holding your body as you go into this space of rest and quietude.  With each breath, gently plunge deeper and deeper into this space of silence allowing the secrets of rest to slowly reveal themselves.  Silently repeat to yourself, “I trust and let go.”

Going into a space of rest allows the body to begin to heal.  Cells start to rejuvenate, and the body slowly begins to awaken to a spring of new possibilities.  Winter is wonderful time to let go of things that no longer serve you so you can open to something new.  But first, you must be willing to go deep into the darkness to find your way back to the light.